What's the Best Wireless Alarm Installation cost?

What’s the Best Wireless Alarm Installation cost?

So the question I get asked the most is What’s the Best Wireless Alarm Installation cost? Well, this is hard to answer because every home and business is different and we would need to see the property to figure out what will work the best. We always recommend combining home security with CCTV as they work hand in hand with each other.

So What would a typical Home security alarm system cost? 

The answer is simple how Far do you want to go to protect your home and more importantly the people inside. Below are a few typical examples of basic to premium wireless alarm systems.  Through research and product training, we have compiled a selection of the most cost-effective, reliable and easy to use residential Intruder Alarm Systems and combined them into fixed price installation packages. By creating packages in this way we ensure our customers receive the very best equipment levels available within their target budget.

 Within this page, there is a number of different package options to choose from to reduce the need for multiple company quotations. Each system description provides information on package contents, warranty details, and property compatibility information.

Best Wireless Alarm Package Deals

 In some cases, you may be unsure which type of system you require and need some assistance making a decision. We have available a no obligation and importantly free quotation service which includes a visit to your home to discuss the available options and help you choose the right system at the right price. Alternatively, if you already have quotations from other competitors then the package information will allow you to compare prices and system contents to ensure you are getting the best deal.  

We are sure that we provide some of the most competitive quotations available for an approved company, but should you find an approved company with a cheaper quotation then we would be only too happy to improve on there price. Please browse through the packages provided and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


£49999One Time Payment
  • Basic Alarm


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