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Hikvision Wireless Alarm Systems

Welcome to Hikvison Wireless Alarm Systems, here you can get one of our experienced engineers to come to give you a free no obligation quotation on a Hikvison Wireless Alarm System or better known as a Pyronixs Home security system.  In the digital age, we continue to demand products and services which are more aligned with our lifestyle; products which allow us to stay connected all the time. The Enforcer V10 realises that opportunity by providing IP connectivity through the inbuilt WIFI modem and HomeControl+ app available on iOS and Android devices. So for more information on House and business alarms contact Hikvison Wireless Alarm Systems.

Hikvision Wireless Alarms

  • Enforcer kit 1 contains:
  • 1x Enforcer V10 all in one two-way wireless panel with DIGI-WIFI communicator
  • 2x KX10DP-WE – wireless KX pet immune PIR detector 10m range
  • 1x MC1MINI-WE – two-way wireless mini magnetic contact
  • 2x KEYFOB-WE – two-way wireless keyfob
  • 1x DELTA/MOD-WE – wireless Deltabell module
  • New Partcode: ENF/KIT1-UK
  • UK Market only

Pyronix Hikvision Wireless Alarms Installation

In our commitment to continuous improvement, we are delighted to add voice push notifications to both iOS and Android versions of ProControl+.

You don’t have to do anything. This feature is available now; your users may have even already received them for events on their systems.

“At Hikvision Wireless Alarms We’ve listened to market demands and this is a feature that was very much sought, so we are very pleased to implement this,” Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Manager, said.

If there is an alarm, or when the system is set or unset, or an event is triggered by any Pyronix life safety devices integrated into the system, such as the SMOKE-WE, CO-WE or the HUD/MED-WE, the user will receive a voice push notification that will get their attention.

“This feature adds value to ProControl+, without any additional cost or action required,” Laurence said.

“Voice push notifications deliver a unique selling point, that differentiates your business from any other on the intruder market.”

“Whether it is a panic alarm, a smoke detector, a break in or as simple as children coming home from school, ProControl+ now audibly keeps the user informed so that they can remain in complete control.”

This feature, combined with our range of Full-HD Wi-Fi cameras for video verification, allows users to be told what is happening, see what is happening and take appropriate action.

If your users do not receive push notifications currently and would like to now receive them with an audible voice, simply enable them in the PyronixCloud account.

Contact Hikvision Wireless Alarms today about a free visit to discuss more.