Get your alarm before christmas

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What does an alarm service entail?

What does an alarm service entail?

Get your alarm before Christmas

11 ways keep burglars at bay over Christmas

Make sure Santa Claus is the only person sneaking into your home over Christmas by following these festive security tips.
Tips to keep your home safe from a burglary at Christmas.
As Christmas approaches, homes will be filled with gadgets and expensive gifts. But just as you are looking forward to giving and receiving those festive goodies, burglars are looking forward to stealing them from you.
There’s never a better time to step up your home security – here are 11 festive security tips compiled with the help of the DIY security company
1. Hide presents
Even if you don’t have children to hide presents from, make sure criminals can’t see them through your windows and doors by hiding them in cupboards and under beds.
2. Look lived in
If you’re going away for Christmas, make the house look lived in. Turning on lights when no one’s at home in winter can deter burglars. You can buy timers that will turn lights on automatically, or just ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property, open and close curtains and put lights on.
If you’re going away, ask a neighbour to park their car in your driveway to make it look like someone’s home.
3. Look out for suspicious behaviour
Keep an eye on any suspicious behaviour in the neighbourhood. Security cameras for inside and outside the home can enhance your home security and peace of mind, but as they’re not within everyone’s budget, being vigilant has to be the next best thing.
4. Triple check your locks
Make sure all windows and doors are firmly shut and locked when leaving home. Leaving an entry path slightly open is a temptation for a burglar.
5. Don’t leave notes
Don’t leave notes for couriers saying no one’s in. Make sure you’ve sent instructions about where to leave parcels if you’re out.
6. Hide packaging
Make sure all packaging is ripped up and buried in bins, so criminals can’t easily see what’s been added to an already festive-filled house.
7. Keep trees and gifts away from windows
Don’t openly display your Christmas tree and gifts in the front window so it’s easily visible from the street. It can be tempting for criminals to smash the window and grab wrapped packages.
8. Turn your outside lights on. And then off
Make sure your outside lights aren’t burning 24 hours a day, and newspapers or advertising flyers aren’t piled up through your letterbox. Again, you might need to ask a neighbour to collect your mail and free papers if you go away.
9. Give a trusted neighbour a spare key
Burglars know to look for the hidden door key near the front entrance. Don’t hide spare keys under rocks, in flowerpots, or above door ledges. Instead, give the spare key to a trusted neighbour.
10. Don’t run electrical cords through window cracks
Burglars prefer to enter through unlocked doors or windows, so an electrical extension cord running through an open window to exterior Christmas lights can be an open invitation. Hire an electrician to install an inexpensive exterior outlet for festive outdoor lights.
11. Check your home phone’s answering machine message
Make sure your family name isn’t visible outside your house, like in a mailbox. Criminals can get your number from directory enquiries and call your home to confirm there’s no one in. And don’t leave descriptive telephone answering machine messages like “We’re away skiing for Christmas, please leave a message.” Burglars love to hear they have plenty of time to ransack your home.

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Best CCTV Installation Service Near Me

Best Yale Alarm Installation Services

Best CCTV Installation Service Near Me

More Surveillance Detail With Fewer Cameras in Use

HD IP cameras capture high-quality video with more detail than traditional CCTV cameras. More video detail per camera means fewer cameras may be required to provide the surveillance coverage you need. Capture the best quality evidence with an HD surveillance system.

Remote Access: View your HD cameras using your smartphone or tablet. Connect to your surveillance system on your local WiFi network, or remotely via cellular 3G/4G.

Instant Push Notifications: Our innovative service instantly notifies you when the monitoring centre receives an event video clip. Event clips are stored offsite, securely, so not only will you be notified instantly, but also your HD video evidence is secured, instantly.

Video Alarm Verification: View your HD cameras using your smartphone or tablet. Connect to your surveillance system on your local WiFi network, or remotely via cellular 3G/4G.

Video Analytics has become an essential part of an intelligent surveillance system. Real-time analytics allow you to proactively respond to a potential threat or risk. Recording analytics lets you analyze the data afterward; for example, POS data analysis and people counting function are widely integrated with surveillance systems in the retail industry giving important insights to management and minimising losses.

Integrated security puts the various security systems that usually work independently, together. Bringing these systems together provides the ability to quickly identify threats & incidents and better manage your security. Our state-of-the-art integrated security solutions allow the integration of various systems across any number of sites including Intruder alarms, surveillance, access control, fire detection, and visitor management systems.

Easily find, review and save video recordings from the exact moment that your alarm system was triggered. Having your surveillance system integrated with your alarm system helps to verify alarms quickly and easily.

Video verified alarms to allow the security control room operators to directly dispatch the local police without dispatching a security guard, first.

Get instant notification if a surveillance camera has been disconnected from your video recorder or is no longer reachable (failed, damaged, loss of power, etc) – get notified quickly; get back online and re-secured quickly!

Have confidence knowing that the video surveillance is online and connected to all cameras with an integrated video and alarm system that is monitored back to base.

Video integrated access control and visitor management

Verify exactly who (person and/or vehicle) accessed a particular door or gate quickly and easily. Get real-time video alerts and pop-ups if there is an access violation of potential risk. For example you can be notified of the following events, instantly via push notification, email or phone call:

  • a lost or banned card is used
  • a banned user attempts to gain access (fingerprint)
  • an attempt to open a door outside of normal hours, even with a valid credential (card/PIN/fingerprint)
  • a door or gate is left open/ajar for too long
  • a door or gate is forced (i.e. opened without a valid credential being presented) either by damaging the door or by use of a key, etc.
  • VIP visitor has entered to your facility

Instant notification of these access violations put you in control of the security of your facility, sooner. Video integrated access control allows you to remotely open a door/gate and visually verify the door operation and that the door has been re-secured anytime, anywhere.

Licence Plate Recognition

Proactive, intelligent surveillance that automatically recognises licence plates.

  • Recorded video is indexed by the licence plates and the time and date that each vehicle/licence plate passes a recognition point.
  • Easily categorise licence plates.
  • Quickly search recorded video by a licence plate, eg. “Show me every time last week that the vehicle with registration ABC123 went through main gates
  • Categorise licence plates into black lists, white lists, or a custom list, eg. create an ’employees vehicles’ list
  • Proactive, automatic actions based on a known license plate. i.e. open the gate for an employees’ vehicle… or send an alarm email when a black listed car enters your facility.
  • Custom integration into 3rd party systems, eg, weigh bridges, automated parking systems, retail intelligence, etc

Integrated fire detection and surveillance system

Minimise false alarms and improve response times with additional, visual verification of fire / smoke alarms. Visually verify fire escapes and emergency exits are open and accessible to occupants.

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