Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

Are You Lucking For Home Security Systems?

Home Security Systems know that there are plenty of different styles and brands of home security alarm systems in West Yorkshire from which you can choose, but how do you know which one is the right one? You can choose to have it monitored or unmonitored, wired or wireless, and you can even decide whether you want to install the Home Security Systems yourself or have it professionally installed. We also offer the best in Hikvision and qvis 4K IP HD systems that will just blow your mind.

The good news is that making this decision doesn’t have to be a difficult task when you have all of the information you need. Learning just a bit about the options that are available can help you determine which system you need to ensure that your home is secure 24 hours a day.

Home Security Systems

Is a Home Alarm System Right for Me?

The first thing you should consider is whether home security systems are right for you in the first place. Some people truly believe that they don’t need to worry about security since they live in a peaceful rural area or a good suburb. The truth is, though, that a robbery to virtually anyone at any time. Feel free to take a look at some of the different Hikvision and Texecom alarm systems.

There are some things you can do aside from purchasing an alarm system such as making sure that you remove any opportunities to break in such as ladders and tools and also ensuring that you lock your windows and doors when you are away from home, but the truth is that an alarm is the best defense of all. Home Security Systems deter thieves in the first place and lets you know when someone has breached a door or a window in your home.

Home Security Systems

Should the Home Security System Be Monitored?

Something else you should consider is whether or not to have your Home Security Systems monitored. While it may be enough to simply install the system with an alarm that sounds to alert you if you are home or to send you a text notification if you are not, you’ll still have to get that message and contact the authorities on your own. Less than 10 minutes is often all it takes for a burglar to get his or her hands on your belongings and out the door.

The good news is that monitoring services are often quite affordable and they’ll contact the authorities for you as soon as an intrusion is picked up. However, you’ll want to make sure that the system you get is “future-proof” in regard to communication; remember that some of these will only work over a copper phone line and are not capable of operating via a broadband connection.

How Long Should the Home Security Systems Warranty Be?

Because home security systems are considered to be reasonably sized investments, it is important to make warrantied purchases. Home and business owners should typically choose products that come with a warranty of at least two years, and this warranty should cover defects in materials and workmanship as well as problems that may arise due to Home Security Systems installation (if the unit was professionally installed).

Home Security Systems

Which Home Security Systems are available?

While a two-year warranty is a minimum, it is still better to choose a system with a warranty of three or more years. Though these products are a bit more expensive, you’ll be covered in the event that something goes wrong. In fact, there are some companies out there offering up warranties of more than five years.

Which Brand Makes the Best Alarm Systems?

Something else you will want to consider is which brand of alarm system will offer the best performance and value. Some are certainly more popular than others and include brands like the ones listed below. For a complete breakdown check out our best brands of burglar alarms post

Bosch Home Security Systems

Bosch Home Security Systems offers up plenty of systems that are perfect for use in homes of any size. Their Classic Line series includes wireless options and some that have two separate motion sensors built-in to avoid false alarms. The Blue Line series is available in three different styles and are geared more toward home and small business applications.

Paradox Wireless Alarms

Paradox Home Security Systems has been specializing in home security systems for the West Yorkshire market for quite some time now and offers up everything you could ever need for your home and this is true whether you need indoor monitoring, outdoor monitoring, or perhaps even both. The digital motion detection technology is patented and the sensitivity can be adjusted to your liking.

Home Security Systems

DSC Home Security Systems

DSC’s Bravo line is geared toward homeowners and these Home Security Systems use things like infrared and microwaves to produce systems that are incredibly sensitive. They also provide outdoor sensors that are perfect for residential use and their own Acuity Glass Break Detectors that will provide an instant alarm in the event that storefront or window glass is broken.

Elite Alarm System

Elite Home Security Systems offers a full range of accessories that you can tie into one of their main panels to protect your home. They offer key rings for arming or disarming the system, wireless motion detectors, smoke and heat alarms, and even glass break sensors that will immediately notify you if something should happen.

How Do I Select a Home Security Systems Installer?

The best way to ensure that your home is completely protected is to hire a professional with at least 5 years in CCTV security and Home Security Systems installer to hook up and test your new system. Though many companies sell products and claim that they are simple to set up, having a Wireless Home Security Systems installer do it for you ensures that your investment works exactly as it should and that nothing is amiss.

Use the Security Search’s free quote service to the right of this text, we have professional alarm installers in Yorkshire, Humberside, Lancashire, and Teesside who will recommend you the best system for your needs and give you a professional and warranted installation.

Home Security Systems

Cheap Home Security Systems

You can also use Google, ask your friends and family for recommendations, or even check out local trade listings for more information.

How Much Will I Pay?

If you are in the market to purchase an entry-level alarm system with all of the basic components necessary to protect your home, in West Yorkshire you can expect to pay anywhere from £500 to £1700.

This should include two infrared sensors, a control panel, a battery, and external and internal alert sirens. For additional sensors, you will pay about £100 each. Of course, if you want to upgrade to add cameras and monitors, then these costs will climb.

Home Security Systems Summary  

No matter which brand or type of system you choose, you should take the time to learn how to use your alarm properly, functions like duress/panic activations are seldom utilised.

There are certainly things to consider when it comes to purchasing home security systems West Yorkshire, but once you are armed with the right information to make your purchase, your home or business will be armed with the right equipment to keep you, your family, and your possessions secure.


Yes, depending on what options you choose to go for we can supply you with a police URN to enable police response in the event of alarm activation, to be compliant a system monitored by the police must receive a minimum of 2 maintenance visits per annum. Please phone us for more details on monitoring options.


Yes, the alarm system is fitted with a backup battery. For the system to be compliant to current standards the alarm must be able to stay powered up for at least 12 hours, our systems will stay active for 15+ hours in the event of a power cut.


When entering the property you will have between 15-20 seconds to reach the keypad and unset the alarm system the maximum amount of time allowed by the current standards is 45 seconds.


An external sounder (bell box) to be compliant to the current standards means that it can only ring for 15 minutes to avoid any nuisance to your neighbours. An internal sounder will ring for 30 minutes before the system automatically resets itself

CAN I SET MY ALARM AT NIGHT?2020-04-16T17:50:08+00:00

Yes you can, your alarm keypad will have the ability to alarm different zones meaning that a garage and/or lower floor of your property can be alarmed whilst you are upstairs at night.


If you are thinking of adding an additional member of the family in the future please inform a member of our team. Pet tolerant detectors can be fitted meaning that an alarm can be set without a small pet activating the system.

Do i need CCTV cameras?2018-10-04T22:50:19+00:00

The answer to do I need CCTV cameras and which cameras are the best?. You are always better having both an alarm system and CCTV as the complement each other when used and installed correctly. As you know there are an array of cameras on the market, basically, you get what you pay for. There are indoor, outdoor, covert (hidden) or dome, fixed or pan tilt options. Depending on the application of what you wish to see or cover, it is best to go through the various options with our Security Technician/ Consultant. For more information about CCTV cameras and wireless-home-alarm-systems use the live chat in the bottom right of your screen.

Do I need CCTV cameras?

What is a glass break sensor?2018-10-04T22:48:49+00:00
Break Glass Wireless alarm sensors.jpg - wireless-home-alarm-system

Break Glass sensor

A glass break sensor detects the vibration and sound of breaking the glass. Furthermore, With their high-performance microphones and advanced microprocessor-based digital sound analysis. Also, they can detect the different types of framed glass – plate, laminated, tempered and safety. Get a Break Glass System here Or why not let someone from our team come to install you the best in glass break sensor today.


What does an alarm service entail?2018-10-04T23:11:49+00:00
What does an alarm service entail? - Wireless Home Alarm System

What does an alarm service entail?

When the technician does an alarm service for your home or business. They are there to check the wiring is not damaged (ie. Rodents have not chewed the wiring). Furthermore, that the sensors are clean of dust and grime, and that the backup battery is in good condition. One of the best things is to check that the keypad is in good condition and buttons are not sticking.

Also, The time on site will depend on how many sensors you have. The location of them (as this can vary between Residential and Commercial sites) and also if they find anything that needs to be fixed or replace. Contact the wireless alarm service team that can get you booked in asap.

Who should service my alarm?2018-10-04T21:49:05+00:00

If your alarm is under warranty, it is best to check with the supplier who holds the warranty to ensure that the warranty is not voided by having someone other than the initial installer servicing your alarm. If the equipment is out of warranty, then you have the choice of using whomever you wish. Also ask your technician for the master code for your alarm, as in the future you may wish to use a different company to work on your alarm and this is information they will require for programming.

How often should my alarm be serviced?2018-10-04T21:48:20+00:00

We advise clients to have their alarms serviced annually. For commercial sites with smoke alarms, where there is a lot of sawdust or similar material in the atmosphere, we advise this be done bi-annually to ensure the sensors are not clogged and are functioning properly.

What sort of security alarm system do I need?2018-10-04T21:47:34+00:00

When we are asked What sort of security alarm system do I need?. Then the short answer is this will depend on the layout of your site or the level of security you require, for example – is there a crawl space within the ceiling for running wires or do we have to use the wireless equipment? Our Watchdog Security Advisers can work with you to find the system that best fits your requirements whether that be for a residential or commercial site.

What are the benefits of having a Monitored Security alarm system?2018-10-04T21:41:06+00:00

The benefits of having a Monitored Security alarm system is that a security alarm will alert the monitoring company when your home/commercial site has been broken into. There are many benefits to having your alarm monitored. Here are a few different scenarios, and the reasons why you should have a monitored security alarm:

  • Firstly, we all know that when we hear an alarm going off on the street that we don’t even look anymore, we have become so conditioned to hearing alarms that we ignore them. If your home alarm is audible only, meaning that if the alarm goes off the siren sounds but nothing else happens, you are relying on your neighbours to hear your alarm and possibly do something about it. Now you may say that your neighbours are great, but what if you neighbour has gone out for the day, that does not help you. Statistics have shown that by far the greatest proportion of Residential burglaries occur during the day.
  • Secondly, there are people who say, “my security alarm goes to my cell phone” we all know that when you say you have your alarm with you 24/7 there are times when the phone is not with you, either you are in a meeting or in an area where coverage is patchy, or the network is down. And what if you are away for the weekend or on holiday? What are you going to do while out fishing when your home alarm goes off?
  • You will be informed that the alarm has activated, but are you going to know if access has been gained or external damage is done?
  • By having your alarm monitored, you can be informed of an activation and we will follow your instructions of how you would like us to proceed. If you are not in a position to attend to your site, we can dispatch one of our professionally trained security guards to attend your site and ascertain the cause of the alarm, and if required, organise for repairs and ensure your site is secured.
  • Another benefit of a monitored alarm is that we will be aware of power loss to your site. Now you may think that this is not an issue, but for a commercial site, this can be of great importance. You may have temperature sensitive material that requires power to it at all times and can’t take a fluctuation in temperature. For residential, this could be either medical equipment or your fridge/freezer. Most power cuts to a site are of a short duration, but in some instances, it may be a fault and you would not want to come home from holiday to discover the tropical fish have died or the freezer has defrosted.
  • Monitored smoke alarms notify your security company immediately that smoke has been detected and the fire brigade can be dispatched immediately, minimising loss of goods and damage.
  • If you have elderly or ill family members who require extra special attention, panic alarms (fixed or pendant) or sensors which indicate a lack of movement within the home can be monitored for immediate response.
    Some Insurance Companies offer a reduction in your premiums for sites with monitored security alarms.
  • It is worth taking the time to discuss all the pricing options with our Security Consultant to find the level of protection that suits you best.#

For more information feel free to contact

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How do you add new key fobs?2018-09-10T21:35:56+00:00

How do you add new key fobs? If you would like to add any additional key fobs please contact our Service & wireless alarm installations on 0800 0132341. Please be advised that there will be at an additional cost.

What is a Faulty PIR?2018-09-10T21:11:26+00:00

So what is a faulty PIR? well, it is when a passive infrared sensor, sometimes known as a motion sensor which detects objects that emit heat such as people and animals. This device is usually installed at ceiling height in the corner of a room to maximise the detection field but when it’s faulty it will no longer sense an intruder. So if you feel you might have a faulty Alarm PIR then get in touch with the Wireless Alarm Team and get it changed Today.

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